Social Income is an initiative in solidarity that aims to connect people across the world through small, impactful, and sustainable donations.

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Social Income is a non-profit association based in: 

Zurich, Switzerland
UID: CHE-289.611.695 (founded 2019)

The Hague, Netherlands
Founding in progress 

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How does Social Income work?

Contributors pay 1% of their monthly paycheck, which is added to the social income fund and directly deposited to a recipient’s mobile phone. 

The amount is determined by the average monthly salary where recipients live. For Social Income to be effective, it should at least 30% of an average local salary.

In Sierra Leone, for example, a monthly salary is typically about $60, so recipients in this case would be given $20 each per month. If a contributor’s salary were $6,000 per month, their 1% donation of $60 would then be split into three universal basic incomes of $20 each.

Recipients would be paid without conditions, and would be guaranteed to receive payments every month for three years.