Social Income is an initiative in solidarity that aims to connect people across the world through small, impactful, and sustainable donations.

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Social Income is a non-profit association based in: 

Zurich, Switzerland
UID: CHE-289.611.695 (founded 2019)

The Hague, Netherlands
Founding in progress 

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Contributions by individuals

Individual contributors pay 1% of their monthly paycheck, which is added to the social income fund and directly deposited to a recipient’s mobile phone.

100% of your contributions go directly to the recipients.

Start by calculating your contribution

What is your average monthly salary?


Initially, Social Income was only open to contributions from a select group of people, mainly working in the arts. This is who we felt most comfortable starting the project with.

We’re currently supported by employees from the following institutions:
  • Kunsthalle Zürich (Zurich)
  • Centre d’Art Neuchâtel (Neuchâtel)
  • Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
  • Swissnex (San Francisco)
  • Random Institute (Zurich)
  • Galerie Tschudi (Zuoz)
  • Reunion (San José)
Update Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve decided to accelerate the Pilot Phase and open our Priority Access to the general public.

Who receives it? 

During the Pilot Phase, we started with a small group of people in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Each of these participants is either an artist or has a strong connection to the arts, but finds themselves in a financial situation that makes it hard to keep their practice going.

In addition to receiving Social Income, this initial group will work on site to lay the groundwork for the project’s next steps, including collaboratively addressing local needs and determining a fair selection process to expand its reach to support the most vulnerable.
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re expanding the range of recipients who can benefit from Social income.