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Our work is made possible by you. Make

Our work is made possible by you. Make

Our work is made possible by you. Make

Our work is made possible by you. Make

Our work is made possible by you.

Social Income is a new way to fight poverty in the Global South, creating real change, from human to human.

The Idea

How can we address inequality? Ourselves.

Social Income is an initiative in solidarity that aims to connect people across the world through small, impactful donations.

If you think about it, we already have everything we need to offset inequality: those who can help and those who can use it. All we need to do is bring them together.

That’s where Social Income comes in ― to carry out a direct redistribution of wealth based on solidarity and enabled by technology.

Of course, Social Income won’t end structural inequality once and for all. But it will build a foundation for real change.

By asking for a modest contribution of 1%, we make it possible for people from all walks of life to help those in need and contribute to a fairer world.


From you to someone in need. This is solidarity.

Make a difference in under a minute.

100% of individual contributions are paid out to recipients

Flexible payment schedules. Adjust or cancel anytime

Made possible by the rise of mobile banking in Africa.

Social Income payments are sent directly to recipients’ mobile phones.

The amount disbursed is determined by the average salary where recipients live.

To be effective, it corresponds to at least 30% of typical monthly wages in the location where it is sent.

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We work where we can make an impact. Sierra Leone.

We've started helping recipients in Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries on Earth. There, a small donation can go a long way.

Average income in Sierra Leone: USD 45 per month
World Bank, 2018 (GDP nominal per capita)

As of March 2020, recipients each get USD 30 per month, guaranteed for three years.

For the selection of recipients we collaborate with local NGOs such as the Aurora Foundation, the Jamil & Nyanga Jaward Foundation and Reachout Salone.

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What’s Next

We take things one step at a time.

Social Income’s long-term goal is to create a global system of wealth redistribution for people in need, with the help of contributors from all around the world. Like any ambitious project, it takes time to scale.

March 2020

We started our Pilot Phase and paid out the first installments to a small community in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

September 2021

We started our Development Phase and optimized our payment process.

January 2022

We reached our Public Phase and have since been progressively rolling out Social Income to recipients and contributors on a larger scale.

Upcoming Features

Account Manage­ment

Contributors will be able to make adjustments to their payment plans online.


Impact Measure­ment

We have established a method and a set of qualitative and quantitative criteria to measure the project’s impact. We are now collecting essential data and refining our method with the help of our recipients.

In Progress

Mobile App

We are developing a new mobile app to facilitate the onboarding and manage­ment of recipients with a smartphone.

In Progess