We had the option to do nothing. We decided against it.

We believe that improving the lives of people in need is not just a possibility but a responsibility. That's how Social Income was born.

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Our Mission

Fighting global poverty with the help of everyday people.

Many people in wealthier countries are committed to addressing inequality, but don’t know how or where to start.

Thanks to the widespread use of mobile phone-based money transfer services in developing countries, it is easier than ever to send money directly to people in need, at almost no cost.

Social Income wants to harness this potential by combining two approaches to wealth redistribution. The first is the concept of Universal Basic Income, which is a promising path towards a more equal and inclusive society.

The second is the use of direct and anticipatory cash transfers to people living in poverty. Research has shown that those who receive direct aid greatly benefit from the money and that they reinvest it locally, responsibly, and successfully.

We make an impact by sending regular long-term cash transfers directly to recipients: from person to person, because many of the world's poorest countries lack solid social infrastructure.

And we do so in a radically transparent way that allows us to avoid the high administrative costs normally associated with such projects.

Our Promise

Donations are for people in need. Not to pay overhead costs.

We are committed to ensuring that the largest possible share of your donation directly benefits our recipients.

To maintain this promise, we specifically fundraise to cover parts of our operating costs and financial expenses through philanthropic grants and institutional donations.

This approach guarantees that only a minimal portion of your donation is allocated to overhead costs.

Flow of Funds

From Everywhere to the Global South. Safe, Fast, and Direct.

Donations are safely stored in the most stable currency in the world: Swiss Francs.

Every month we transfer just enough money to local banks in the countries where we are active. We then distribute Social Incomes with the help of mobile money directly to the phones of beneficiaries.

Our Team

We're making Social Income a reality.

Local Staff

Working in the field, ensuring that recipients and partners have a reliable point of contact.

The local staff manages local operations and offers support to partners and recipients. Their insights are re-integrated into the technological tools we develop. They are compensated with a fair local salary.

  • Mabel Turay image

    Mabel Turay


  • Mariatu Haja Sesay image

    Mariatu Haja Sesay


Active Volunteers

The people who generously contribute their time and skills to make everything possible.

Running Social Income requires a diverse range of skills. These dedicated professionals who volunteer bring everything to life and manage an entire NGO through their commitment and effective teamwork.

  • András Heé image

    András Heé

    Software Development

  • Aurélie Schmiedlin image

    Aurélie Schmiedlin


  • Carlos Badilla image

    Carlos Badilla


  • Julia Bachmann image

    Julia Bachmann


  • Kerrin Dieckmann image

    Kerrin Dieckmann


  • Larissa dos Santos Lima image

    Larissa dos Santos Lima


  • Matthew Roberts image

    Matthew Roberts


  • Michael Kündig image

    Michael Kündig

    Software Development

  • Mikołaj Demkow image

    Mikołaj Demkow

    App Development

  • Pranav Chatur image

    Pranav Chatur

    Software Development

  • Riccardo Tamburini image

    Riccardo Tamburini


  • Sandino Scheidegger image

    Sandino Scheidegger

    Founding Director

  • Thomas Brenner image

    Thomas Brenner

    Software Development

  • Verena Zaiser image

    Verena Zaiser

    App Development

Board of Association

Responsible for compliance with ethical standards and internal guidelines.

The board is responsible for the supervision of the organization. Members are elected for a term of four years. Their specific supervisory duties are defined in the statutes and organizational regulations.

  • Anvita Pandey image

    Anvita Pandey

    Board Member

  • Flavien Meyer image

    Flavien Meyer


  • Kabelo Ruffo image

    Kabelo Ruffo


  • Marion Quartier image

    Marion Quartier

    Board Member

  • Simone Huser image

    Simone Huser

    Board Member

Former Volunteers

These individuals have significantly shaped Social Income through their voluntary efforts.

Volunteers who are inactive for more than three months are considered former until they resume their participation. This approach allows us to transparently and accurately represent the true size of our organization.

  • Ajla Murati image

    Ajla Murati


  • Alexandre Milan image

    Alexandre Milan

    Software Development

  • Anders Nordhag image

    Anders Nordhag


  • Anna-Lina Müller image

    Anna-Lina Müller


  • Juan Morales image

    Juan Morales

    Software Development

  • Lorenzo Garovi image

    Lorenzo Garovi


  • Patrik Sopran image

    Patrik Sopran

    App Development

  • René Stalder image

    René Stalder

    Software Development

  • Sarah Mekni image

    Sarah Mekni


  • Sarvesh Dwivedi image

    Sarvesh Dwivedi

    Software Development

  • Simon Bühler image

    Simon Bühler