Social Income is an initiative in solidarity that aims to connect people across the world through small, impactful, and sustainable donations.

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Social Income is a non-profit association based in: 

Zurich, Switzerland
UID: CHE-289.611.695 (founded 2019)

The Hague, Netherlands
Founding in progress 

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The money we receive can be broken down into two categories, donated contributions and funding for the project.

Donated contributions

Donated contributions are what the public gives to recipients. 100% of all contributions go directly to recipients.

The money is routed through our non-profit association based in Zurich and deposited directly on recipients’ mobile phones.

Pilot Phase
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve decided to accelerate the Pilot Phase  and open our Priority Access to the general public.

Project funding

Project funding is managed by the funding team, which acquires it through grants, arts funding, and personal contributions.

This money is used to cover communication, operating costs, and payment service fees.

Institutional Support by 
Stroom (The Hague)
Random Institute (Zurich)
Garovi (Bern)
Kadist (SF/Paris)

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