Guidelines and Responsibilities

The person starting a private fundraiser on Social Income’s website is responsible for setting up and running the fundraising event. This responsibility includes covering all costs, planning, promoting, and ensuring compliance with the law.

Social Income will create a special ‘fundraising page’ on its website. The fundraiser will receive a unique link to this page and should direct all supporters to donate to Social Income through this specific page. The fundraiser must not accept directly donations or any other payments on behalf of Social Income.

The fundraiser is permitted to use Social Income’s name and logo to promote the fundraising event and raise money for Social Income. However, this does not imply that Social Income endorses the event. Social Income reserves the right to discontinue or refuse the use of its name and logo at any time.

The fundraiser understands that Social Income owns all data collected, including information gathered during the fundraiser or on the ‘fundraising page.’ Social Income may allow the fundraiser to use this data to thank donors.

The fundraiser is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the fundraising event are appropriate and respectful. No part of the event should be harmful, offensive, untrue, or discriminatory. Social Income has the right to terminate the fundraising campaign at any time at their discretion.